The 8 Best Wilson Tennis Racquets in 2020

So, you are looking for a new racquet, something that isn’t so hard on your wrist or something that you can generate more power from. Well its no wonder you want a Wilson Racquet they are the best in the business when it comes to making racquets.

After all Wilson sporting goods have made a name for themselves not just by professional players like Roger Federer and Serena Williams endorsing their racquets but also because the quality of the racquets speaks for itself, word of mouth is the best publicity and these racquets definitely have it going for them.

Now that you know why Wilson Tennis racquets time to find the perfect racquet for you. The thing about racquet design and technology, its always improving and changing, some racquets have better feel while others are rugged but allow you to generate more power.

So, the perfect racquet for you can only be picked by you but the one that we think that most people will find a happy middle ground in terms of power, control and comfortability is the Wilson Blade 98.

Wilson Blade 98

Wilson Blade 98

The Wilson blade is arguably the most popular model of the Wilson Racquet family and its latest iteration is the best one yet due to one feature. The FeelFlex technology, this technology was introduced with the Wilson Clash in 2019 and has been added to various other racquets made by Wilson as it was so well received.

The Wilson blade has been a fan favorite long before even that though and as such there are a variety of people who prefer different variants of it but it is almost universally agreed that the FeelFlex technology just took the blades to another level.

Yes, the hype for this racquet is real, the Wilson Blade is manufactured in 2 string patterns 16×19 and 18×20, the model we would recommend to most people is 18×20 one as it provide additional strength and durability as well as the ability to take powerful shots more confidently.

Overall a lot of pro players use this racquet. So, if you are looking to get serious or just want something to build you game of off this would be out top pick.


  • Excellent Control
  • FeelFlex technology
  • Durable String pattern


  • little bit underpowered
  • Hard to spin with

Top 7 Wilson Racquets

So, maybe the Wilson Blade 98 isn’t to your liking and you want something that has the power and you don’t need extra control or some new technology. Well, not to worry I got you covered with a buying guide of the top 7 offerings by Wilson Sporting Goods.

Wilson Burn 100S

Wilson Burn 100S

If the name doesn’t give it away, I don’t know what will. This racquet is designed scratch the ball bald as it provides excellent spin without having to change the swing style up to much. This features an 18×16 spin effect string pattern which allows it to provide impressive amount of spin potential.

That said, it doesn’t slack off in the power department either, it has the ability to generate ample amount of power blast shots all the way back from baseline.

If you have the strength to back up your game this racquet is surely to be an effective weapon in your hands.


  • Excellent Control
  • Excellent Spin
  • Great power
  • Durable String pattern


  • No FeelFlex technology
  • Not for the physically challenged user

Wilson Clash 100

Wilson Clash 100
Wilson Clash 100

You have probably heard the name of this racquet before, this might have been the most sold racquet in 2019 made by Wilson. Why? Well because it introduced a new technology called FeelFlex, all of a sudden Wilson had a racquet which had superb feel, was easier on the arms and did so without bringing any major drawbacks.

The introduction of FeelFlex technology and being the only racquet for quite some time to have this made The Wilson Clash 100 one of the bestselling racquets in all of tennis and year later the hype is still strong.

Even though other racquets from Wilson now have adopted this technology, this was the racquet built specifically to debut the technology, others merely adopted it. It still to this day provide an amazing experience for players playing recreationally and want to preserve arm health or just have average arms like most people.


  • FeelFlex technology at its best
  • Brings the best from all racquets it borrows from
  • Play amazing with a variety of strings


  • Room for improvement when it comes to serves
  • Topspin is hard to achieve
  • Trying to be the jack of all trades makes it the master of know except comfort

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3
Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

This is for the players that have the strength and not necessarily the best technique because it provides a big head size. Allowing room for error, although having amazing power isn’t really necessary to handle this racquet as it caters to the seniors more.

However, with the power this can be a beast, allowing devastating serves. The size of the Hyper Hammer 5.3 by Wilson makes it a novice pick among the pro community but for select individuals this might just be the best racquet they can buy,


  • Gigantic head size
  • Amazing for doubles
  • Remarkable Swing weight for its size
  • Great for mediocre skill players


  • With big size comes bad control
  • Uneven weight distribution seems to be head heavy

Wilson Clash 108

Wilson Clash 108
Wilson Clash 108

After the success of the Clash 100 by Wilson, the company decided to go all in on the technology and introduce some options, one of which much like the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is big in size but provides and even more comfortable experience than it. The Wilson Clash 108

The feel of the racquet is splendid and the swing weight is delightful as well, its as if they took all the great from the Clash 100 and decided to upsize it. That’s said this doesn’t feel big in the hand even though it is 108 square inches in size, a mere 10 inch more than the Blade 98 but still FeelFlex technology and the over all built of this racquet keep it moderate on the arms.

This is a great option for singles and doubles a like as it aids a lot in keeping the ball in play with its big size, the one down side is sometimes the players can’t get proper feedback about whether the shot hit properly or not due to the level of feed back suppression.


  • Mega Head Size
  • Great Feel
  • Splendid for Volleys


  • Too Soft for experienced players
  • Needs a bit more length to be the best performer in the Large racquet Class.

Wilson Blade 104

Wilson Blade 104
Wilson Blade 104

Another large size racquet? Well, Wilson blade 104 is special as it is almost the exact model that the professional player Serena William uses, she hasn’t switched over to FeelFlex technology yet, Some more experienced player prefers the bare feel of the racquets for feedback on whether the shot was good or bad. So, that could be the reason.

Regardless talking the built of racquet it is 104 square inches a step up in size from the highly recommended Wilson blade 98, this has a 16×19 string pattern which makes it excellent for power swings, a lot of players like to use this racquet from the baseline.

This is useful for singles and doubles as its big size allows to keep the ball in play for longer, other than that the added length allows for better serve. For some the head size might be too big but that’s the reason that the Blade 98 exists, it was manufactured for that niche by Wilson, while Blade 104 caters to a different niche.


  • Seems to feel medium sized even though it isn’t
  • Excellent power potential
  • Great spin capability
  • FeelFlex technology


  • Control is lacking
  • Feedback is lacking

Wilson Ultra 100

Wilson Ultra 100
Wilson Ultra 100

Okay, so Wilson Ultra 100 racquet is what people may call the jack of all trades but the master of none. That’s not to defame the racquet, it does most things extremely well and this makes it a good choice for experienced and amateur players who have the technique down and just a need a racquet that can be viable in all kinds of situations.

Versatility is the name of the game with this racquet, its 100 square inch size is the sweet spot between too big and too small, It doesn’t have FeelFlex technology but that might just be what is needed for the experienced players to get proper feedback from there shots and lastly the firmness and the ability to put spin is really good.

This is racquet intended for people who are swift on there feet and in their head. It provides an extremely solid base, covering almost all major needs very well. The Ultra 100 by Wilson does live up to the ultra-name in a lot of ways.


  • Generates Spin easily
  • Can be used at all levels
  • Jack of all trades


  • Not for volleys
  • Master of no single trade

Wilson Pro staff 97

Wilson Pro staff 97
Wilson Pro staff 97

Okay, to end of the list we have the ever so popular Pro staff 97 by Wilson, it’s the smallest in size in this list, but has the largest fan following and for good reason too. It’s the racquet the bares the most resemblance the racquet used by Roger Federer, naturally the racquet is designed for the best of players, ones who have honed their skill and don’t need big racquet but value control above all else.

Even intermediate players have hard time using this racquet, it is truly a skill canon with it 97 square inch size providing a small sweet spot, this allows for less room for error but great room for precision. Serving is amazing with this racquet and the amount of control this provides makes it an excellent option up close. That said, it has no trouble generating power. It also manages to feel very good despite not having FeelFlex technology.

In the hands of skilled player, the pro staff lives up to its name as being made for professionals.


  • Excellent control
  • Rewards the skilled player
  • Basically, a copy of the racquet Roger Federer uses


  • Minute Sweet Spot
  • Only for skilled players
  • Needs the user’s power


Which pro players use Wilson Racquets?

The pro players that use Wilson Racquets are call the Wilson Tennis Advisory Staff members by Wilson Sports goods and these include the following names.

  • Roger Federer.
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas.
  • Kei Nishikori.
  • Milos Raonic.
  • Gael Monfils.
  • Grigor Dimitrov.
  • David Goffin.
  • Feliciano Lopez.


Who manufactures Wilson Tennis Racquets?

Wilson Sporting Goods are the manufacturers of Wilson tennis racquets.

Which is the best Wilson tennis racket?

Its not that simple, different rackets appeal to different types of players

  • If you’re a recreational player, I’d recommend the Wilson Clash 100
  • If you’re a skilled player, I’d recommend the Wilson Pro staff 97
  • If you are someone who lacks technique, any of the bigger racquets above hundred in size, but the Wilson blade 104 strikes a good balance among them. You can’t go wrong with that one.
  • If you want a jack of all trades not to heavy in any one particular field, then the Wilson blade 98 and Wilson ultra 100 are for you.
  • If you are interested in a break down and review of any of the racquets recommended above, its all included in the article and you can click the racquets name to scroll to that part.

Which racket Does Federer use?

Roger Federer uses a model that bares the most resemblance to the Wilson Pro staff 97.

How do I choose a Wilson tennis racket?

By reading through this guide fully or by reading question number 3.


Okay, so we have listed above 8 of the best racquets provided by Wilson, the best racquet makes company in current times. A quick round up these are the ones we have listed.

  1. Wilson Blade 98
  2. Wilson Burn 100s
  3. Wilson Clash 100
  4. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3
  5. Wilson Clash 108
  6. Wilson Blade 104
  7. Wilson Ultra 100
  8. Wilson Pro staff 97

You can click on any of them and it will take you to Amazon where you can buy them, but a general trend just to conclude is that with size comes room for error, the bigger the racquet the more forgiving the technique, the smaller the racket the tighter the technique required. That said, smaller racquets are easier to handle and bigger racquets naturally harder. So, there is no one best but if you are looking for the best balance between both size with great power, spin and comfort, I’d recommend the Wilson Blade 98.

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