2021 Best Tennis Overgrips: Tacky & Sweat Absorbing

Have you been working hard at improving your skills? Have you been putting in time and effort into the game of tennis only to realize that once the grip on your racquet starts to lose its feel and get slippery, the quality of your game is going to drastically decrease? Now when you understand the importance of a good tennis overgrip, keep reading this review to learn about the best options on the market.

Every tennis player knows the frustration of missing a single shot that decides the entire game. Having your equipment not cooperating with you can result in failing to take the lead on your opponent at the right time. With the focus on two main factors Tackiness and Sweat Absorption, we have prepared an extensive list of the best tennis overgrips for 2021. 

Regardless of whether you are a newbie, an amateur, or a professional player, you will achieve the best results with these grips. Check out the list of our top best all-rounder racquet overgrips. 

The Best Overgrip for Everyone: Tourna Mega Tac

Photo Title Price Buy
Tourna Mega Tac Extra Tacky Overgrip, White, 10-Pack $13.57
Tourna Mega Tac Extra Tacky Overgrip, White (30-Pack) $33.75

This is “the tackiest grip ever made!” or so it says on the label and we think they might just right. This overgrip makes the racquet stick to your hand like it’s glued on. Honestly, when you first start using the grip, it feels almost excessively tacky, like your hand is fitted to the handle. However, when you use Tourna Mega Tac on a hot day and start sweating, you see what makes it so great. Due to sweat, the racquet gets softer and a little less tacky but not to the extent of getting slippery. The overgrip becomes softer and feels more comfortable as the game goes on.

Overall, this is the best grip you can buy at the moment. It rates the highest in tackiness and only feels better as your sweat, comfortably lasting up to 30 hours of playtime. It is available in a 3 pack, 10 pack and 30 pack respectively. 


  • Extremely tacky
  • Gets better as you begin to sweat
  • Best for performance


  • It’s not soft enough to recommend for maximum comfort 

Top 7 Best Tennis Overgrips Reviews

Being the best racquet in terms of tackiness, The Tourna Mega Tac lacks in comfort, longevity, and softness. If you’re looking for something that will provide those, check out our list of alternatives. All of them excel in one aspect and underperform in another. Determine your goals and the qualities that will help you achieve them, and make your choice. 

Tourna Grip

Photo Title Price Buy
Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip TG-1-XL Blue, 3 grips on roll, (99 cm x 29 mm) $4.97
Tourna Grip Original 3-Pack $8.30
Tourna Grip XXL, Original Dry Feel Tennis Grips (30/Roll Pack) $39.99

Tourna Grip is a seasoned and well-tested tennis racquet grip that ensures the ultimate sweat absorption and keeps your hands dry. Although the level of tackiness loses to the above-mentioned racquet grip, it remains non-slippery and creates a comfortable dry feel. Consistently absorbing moisture, Tourna Grip makes a perfect choice for summer tours and outdoor games under the scorching sun. No matter how much you sweat, this overgrip provides a perfect feel in your hand, even in hot climates. 

As for durability, this overgrip lasts anywhere from 20 to 30 hours, the same as the Tourna Mega Tac. Unfortunately, in case of excessive sweat, the top layer of the grip will start to slowly peel off as you continue to use it which makes this grip less attractive to some, especially, towards the end of life of the grip. 

The best part of this grip is its availability of sizes: it comes in Grip, Grip XL, and Grip XXL, which means it can be applied to all kinds of tennis racquets. As most grips, they come in 3, 10, and 30 packs.


  • Great for absorbing sweat.
  • Stays dry and doesn’t get smudgy 
  • Comfortable and available in a variety of sizes


  • Slowly peels off its top layers towards the end of its life

Yonex Super Grap

Photo Title Price Buy
Yonex Super Grap Overgrip White - 3 Pack $7.24
Yonex Super Grap (12-Pack) Tennis Overgrip (White) $16.95
YONEX Super GRAP 30-Pack Racket Grips, Black $31.99

Yonex Super Grip is a new grip on the block that has been getting more and more attention within the community. This is due to two reasons: its tackiness makes it great for playing whereas its stretchiness accommodates an easy application to the racquet. 

What it makes up in tackiness and flexibility, it lacks in durability being able to perform for only 15 hours. Anything beyond that and the grip gets dirty and feels smudgy. However, if you replace it frequently enough, it will serve your great.

Overall, it’s the perfect grip for people who don’t sweat as much and prioritize a balanced feel and ease of use over durability. The Yonex Super Grap is available in 3 packs, 12 packs, or 30 packs.


  • Good tackiness 
  • Ultimate stretchability 
  • Overall comfort


  • Doesn’t last long
  • Lacks in sweat absorption 

Wilson Pro Overgrip

Photo Title Price Buy
Wilson Tennis Racquet Pro Over Grip, White, Pack of 3 $5.95
Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip 12-Pack $18.99
Wilson Pro Overgrip (30-Pack), White $38.11

If you are an experienced tennis player, the brand name Wilson probably rings the bell. Being almost like Apple of the tennis world, it screams quality and reliability, and this grip is no different. Similar to Yonex Super Grap, it provides a great combination of tackiness to ensure a comfortable feel and stretchiness that makes it easy to put on your tennis racquet.

Thanks to its recognizability and popularity, Wilson Pro Overgrip has become a part of the equipment at the Women Tennis Association (WTA) and Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

Despite its credibility and brand awareness, it shows very average durability – 15 to 20 hours. Afterward, it tends to lose its quality and feels mushy. Additionally, it does not perform well in hot climates which makes it suitable for cold seasons. 


  • Good tackiness
  • Great Comfort
  • Easy to put on the racquet


  • Bad for humid and hot climates
  • Not good at sweat absorption

Head Xtreme Soft Overgrip

The Head producer is famous for its soft and comfortable grips. Besides, as most overgrips, it provides good sweat absorption. 

Head Xtreme Soft Overgrip targets beginners and amateurs, making it easier for them to take the first steps. It has a big palette of available colors as well as facilitates an easier application to the racquet. 

As its target audience is usually newbies who do not play that much and that often, it does not ensure the tackiness that other grips do. Focusing its product on design and durability, it lacks the ability to absorb sweat as much as other grips. However, if excessive sweatiness is not your problem, you will enjoy a tacky and dry feel for a long time. On top of that, if you prefer to customize your gear with colors, this might be a great pick for you. 


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Really soft
  • Good tackiness 


  • Not rated for long use, colors get dull over time
  • Not as sweat proof as the other choices
  • Definitely not the tackiest pick

EcoGrip Hi-Tac 

If you are one of those people who excessively sweat, even when it’s not that hot, EcoGrip Hi-Tac is definitely your choice. Its level of tackiness is so high that you might even feel odd touching it with dry hands. However, once the waterfalls break out, you will enjoy the perfect grip. 

Unlike the above-mentioned grip, Hi-Tac is not beginner-friendly and cannot be easily applied by anyone. But if you are an experienced player, you will not have any difficulties putting the grip on the racquet. In hot and humid climates, this grip will last you up to 15 hours of playtime, however, in the dry and cold weathers, the durability will rise up to 20 to 25 hours. 

This product is highly recommended for those who sweat quite a lot and need a grip that won’t get slippery right away as you start to sweat. It’s available in a 3 pack or a 12 pack. 


  • Highly sweat-absorbent
  • Good tackiness 


  • Not as stretchy as other overgrips
  • Doesn’t feel the best in dry condition
  • Wears out rather fast 

Gamma Supreme Overgrip

This grip is another great choice for beginners who do not have a lot of experience, hence understanding of what exactly they need. Trying out Gamma Supreme, you will practice your game and build a better awareness of your needs. Also, it suits as an all-rounder tennis overgrip that will more or less meet everyone’s requirements. 

If you are one of those who sweat quite a bit, stay away from this option as it will be unusable 30 minutes into the game. Other than that, it provides optimal tackiness and durability at a cheaper price point. 

The Gamma Supreme Overgrip will last around 10-15 hours and is available in a 3 pack, 15 pack, or 30 pack.


  • Good tackiness
  • Cheap price
  • Perfect for your first overgrip


  • Bad at sweat absorption
  • Loses its qualities after 30 minutes of exposure to sweat
  • Only lasts about a maximum of 15 hours.

Head Prime

This professional overgrip is concluding our list of recommendations. Head Prime offers good sweat absorption and feels very comfortable in your hands. Being meant for experienced players, it is quite difficult to apply due to its overall stiffness. 

The fact that it is widely used within the professional scene shows really good quality. It ensures a great feel in the hand and an optimal balance between tackiness and softness. Being not too dry and not too tacky, it provides superior comfort making long playing sessions easy.

Prime Overgrip by Head is only good for 10-12 hours of playing time before it needs to be replaced which makes it quite inaccessible for the general public since not everyone can afford to continuously purchase so much grip. Overall, this type offers a great grip and feel but fails to ensure a long durability. 


  • Best grip preferred by pros
  • Good tackiness and sweat absorption
  • Best feeling grip (also recommended for people who are prone to blisters)


  • Needs to be replaced every 10-12 hours
  • Short life span, only stays at its peak for a while.

Buying guide

In this section, we discuss FAQs and try our best to answer them.

What to Look for in a Tennis Overgrip?

There are 3 main things you should pay attention to:

  • Tackiness (how well the Overgrip latches onto your hands)

Tackiness refers to how sticky the overgrip stays over a long period of time. Tacky grips are very easy to hold tight in your hands as they stick themselves to the inside of your hand, providing excellent control and stability. 

The tackiest grip, that we have reviewed in our article and, as a matter of fact, the tackiest one that ever existed (according to its manufacturer) is the Tourna Mega Tac. If you are looking for the best tennis experience, we highly recommend this grip.  

  • Absorbing Potential (How dry the overgrip stays and how much sweat it can absorb)

Absorption is self-explanatory, but it refers to the amount of sweat the grip can absorb, the absorption speed as well as its feel in the hand after getting a bit wet. Absorption potential is a big factor in the purchasing decision making as the most common issue players face is the grip getting mushy or slippery towards the end of the game once they begin to sweat. Grips with good absorption potential prevent that from happening.

Absorption plays an important role in the tackiness factor as a decent level of absorption creates a better feel. On the other hand, being too sweat-absorbent, these grips tend to become too stiff and difficult to apply. 

If excessive sweating is one of your pain points as you constantly end up with a racquet losing its tackiness, we recommend the EcoGrip Hi-Tac that we have reviewed above.

  • Longevity (How long the overgrip stays in a usable condition)

This refers to how long the grip stays in prime condition. Although most cheap grips can make up a good deal, they do not last as long which becomes a problem in the long term. No one wants to realize they can no longer play because their overgrip just gave out. Without a decent layer of the overgrip, your racquet will end up flying out of your hands at the worst possible moment if you continue to play. 

This is why buying good quality grips is a much better investment in the long run as cheaper grips usually fail the tackiness and absorption tests. Whereas a slightly more expensive grip will last a long time and feel superb in the hand due to its tackiness and sweat absorption. The ultimate choice for durability and tackiness is the Tourna Mega Tac.

  • Price

Although there is no harm in saving a few bucks every now and then, price does often dictate the quality of the product. On top of that, buying the cheaper grip available might be counter-productive as you will need to replace it way too frequently. A good idea is to stock up on grips and get a 30 pack which is usually more lucrative than 3 or 12 pack options. 

Do I Need a Tennis Overgrip?

First of all, have you already been using an overgrip? If yes, and you feel like it’s losing its qualities after 20 to 25 hours of playing, maybe it is time to shop for a new one. Without a decent overgrip, your efficiency will go down at a rapid speed. 

Secondly, thoroughly read the answer to the first question and decide whether your grip is optimal or it needs to be replaced with a better one. Once you realize your pain points and immediate needs, browse through our reviews, and make an informed decision. 

Do You Put an Overgrip over the Original Grip?

Overgrips are usually applied over the base grip once they get worn out. Although the original grips can be replaced, the overgrips are meant to go over the initial grips to ensure the longer usability of the racquet. They are meant to give a new feel to an old racquet. 

What is Tennis Overgrip?

A tennis overgrip is a grip designed to be wrapped around the base grip of the racquet. They are also referred to as tennis racquet grip tape. 


Here is the list of best picks one more time: 

  • Tourna Grip
  • Yonex super grap 
  • Wilson Pro Overgrip
  • Head Xtreme Soft Overgrip
  • Head Prime
  • Gamma Supreme Overgrip
  • EcoGrip Hi-Tac

Hopefully, now you have a better grasp of why the overgrip is important and how to make the best choice. Although it does depend on your preference, style of play, frequency of using the racquet, and so on, our tips will certainly give you the right direction when it comes to shopping for an overgrip. We wish you the best of luck in your tennis career. 

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