A Review of The STIGA Advantage and STIGA Advantage Lite

If you are currently shopping for a practical and stable tennis table that doesn’t break the bank, you are on the right page. Being the most recommended table on a budget, The STIGA Advantage provides the best features and solid build quality. Hundreds of people expressed their positive opinions about this product on its page on Amazon vouching for its great design and performance at a cheap price.

Photo Title Price Buy
STIGA Advantage Pro $425.99
STIGA Advantage $399.99
STIGA Advantage Lite $380.85


  • Dimensions: 9ft x 5ft (Regulation Size)
  • Assembly Time: 10 minutes (Comes 95% preassembled)
  • Surface Thickness: 1/2’’, 5/8’’ (16mm), 3/4’’ (19mm) for the lite, standard, and pro respectively.

A Simple Guide into What Makes a Good Tennis Table

From our experience, here are some of the things that we think are crucial when purchasing a tennis table or ping pong table from our experience with tennis tables.

Type of Table: Indoor vs Outdoor

There are 2 kinds of tables: indoor and outdoor

Outdoor tennis table

Outdoor tables are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. These tables are covered with a waterproof coating on the table surface, mostly to protect it against rain and humidity. This makes sure that the table doesn’t lose its texture or shape due to the rainwater or humidity. 

However, they also present disadvantages since the coating that prevents them from taking damage leads to inconsistency in the bounce. As inconsistent as the bounce might be, an outdoor special coating makes it so much worse compared to indoor tables, even when presenting the same thickness. 

Finally, outdoor tables are generally more expensive

Indoor tennis table

Indoor Tables are designed for ease of setup, use, and portability. Indoor tables have to be thicker in order to deliver the same amount of bounce, however, regardless of the bounce rate, it remains consistent throughout the table.

Indoor tables are also cheaper than their outdoor counterparts. Professionals prefer indoor tables with 1’’ thickness which provides the best bounce. The closer is table thickness to 1’’, the better your table is going to perform.

Table Thickness

Table thickness is the number one thing that dictates whether a table is good for table tennis or not. This mainly due to the fact that tables need to be thick enough in order to absorb and bounce back the force of the ball. Heavier objects tend to be harder to push away which is why a thicker table provides a significantly better bounce.

As mentioned above, you want to go for 1’’ thickness which is the best you can get and is commonly used by professional players. The ultimate thickness rate you should settle for is at least half of 1’’: tables like The STIGA Advantage present with ½’’ thickness rate but provide a reasonable level of bounce due to the high-quality material of the table.

Table Frame and Support

The Tennis table frame and support are just as important as the thickness of the table. As already mentioned, things with more weight and density are harder to displace, thus they provide a good bounce when struck by a ball. 

On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how thick the board is if the support underneath is so poorly constructed and cheap that it wobbles after each shot. This will of course lead to unexpected and inconsistent shots and bounces that are going to ruin the game. Having a good sturdy table frame is one of the must-haves of each tennis table or ping pong table.

Table Setup and Storage

Setting up a table contributes to its sturdiness which is why having a table that is easy to set up is essential. Table storage is also a matter of concern as having a giant table in the middle of the house isn’t convenient for everyone. Having a table that is easy to set up that folds up itself and makes for easy storage is necessary. It is also quite easy to achieve, so a lot of manufacturers produce such tables. 

Photo Title Price Buy
STIGA Advantage Pro $425.99
STIGA Advantage $399.99
STIGA Advantage Lite $380.85

STIGA Advantage vs Advantage pro vs Advantage lite

The main difference between all three tables is the thickness of the frame.

The STIGA Advantage lite has a ½’’ thickness rate. However, it’s showing a passable amount of ball bounce which is why we would recommend going for the standard STIGA Advantage. The price difference is not crucial but the quality is significantly better. 

The STIGA Advantage offers a 5/8’’ (16mm) thickness rate. It delivers really good ball bounce which why we would recommend this version to most interested people. Unless you are a professional player this table is just as good for family and friend games.

The STIGA Advantage pro shows ¾’’ (19mm) thickness rate. It is as close to professional level performance as you can get from a table. Although it costs more than the standard, if you have the money, spending it on this model isn’t a bad idea. Even more so, if you and your friends are great players and tend to get serious in your games.

Here are some key features we like about the STIGA Advantage, STIGA Advantage lite, and STIGA Advantage pro.

Photo Title Price Buy
STIGA Advantage Pro $425.99
STIGA Advantage $399.99
STIGA Advantage Lite $380.85

Strong Durable Frame

All Advantage tables by STIGA come with a strong durable and sturdy frame. That’s why they consistently have such high ratings on amazon. Being the second most needed quality, a strong frame shows a great quality of tennis tables, and thankfully STIGA didn’t compromise on that at all. The Advantage comes with 1.2 inches or 30mm sturdy steel legs and they are coated in the black matte finish, which makes them look stylish.

The Pro version comes with even sturdier legs at 1.5 inches or 38mm adding to the overall sturdiness and making sure that even with the added weight of the thicker tabletop, the table remains very stable. In order to make sure the table is level, you can adjust the height of the table by tweaking the small handles on each side of the table.

Easy and Quick Setup

Why is it so important to purchase a tennis table that is easy to set up? No one wants to hire people to assemble a table for them and pay them a substantial fee. Especially since tables are really heavy and require at least two men to get it set up, that is considering they are knowledgeable enough to do so in the first place. 

Luckily, STIGA doesn’t have this issue. 95% of the table will arrive preassembled whereas the rest of the assembly can be done in under 10 minutes, not to mention super easy. All you have to do is attach 8 screws to the legs of the table. No need to get the amazon expert, you can do it yourself easily. 

Easy to Store and Very Portable

As stated before, storing and putting away the table is a crucial part of the purchasing decision making. No one wants to have a giant table hogging up space. Not to mention leaving the table unattended can lead to accidental spillage or damage to the playing surface.

Therefore, getting a table that is easy to fold and allows compact storage and quick setup is necessary in order to ensure the life of the table. Thankfully, this table doesn’t disappoint here either. It conveniently folds into 2 pieces and opens back up with the legs automatically deploying outside. It includes safety latches as well so that you don’t have to worry about getting injured.

When folded, the two halves stick together, making a very small footprint for storage of just 60 inches by 28 inches in dimension. The table comes with 3’’ caster wheels which allow for easy transportation of the table. You can move it around the house and store it wherever you want.

The pro table comes with 4’’ caster wheels, as it has more weight. Finally, the wheels can be locked after the setup to make sure the table doesn’t slide around during a play session.

Photo Title Price Buy
STIGA Advantage Pro $425.99
STIGA Advantage $399.99
STIGA Advantage Lite $380.85

Half Folded Playback Position

“They really thought of everything when designing this table!”

Usually, when tables fold up, they are fully folded and ready for storing. But this table allows you to fold one half up completely and still have the table be rock solid on the ground. It is perfect for a warmup session before the people actually come in for a match. You can use this to have a playback session and practice your ping pong game alone as well.

Clamp Style Net of 72’’

The last feature of the Advantage by STIGA we would like to highlight is the clamp style net. The net is neatly attached to the table and is easy to take off once the game is over. Usually, the nets that come together with the table are of poor quality but not with STIGMA. They made sure to include a pretty good net that will do just fine for casual play.

The STIGA Brand and Their Tennis Tables

Being one of the best brands for table tennis equipment, the STIGA brand is known in the table tennis world. They were found 75 years ago in Sweden and still hold the crown as the provider of the best ping pong equipment. You don’t have to take our word for it: multiple websites and Amazon ratings speak for themselves and demonstrate that STIGA products are reputable and trusted among the table tennis community.

Conclusion and Overall Verdict

There is not much left to say – this table has our seal of approval for being really great for table tennis lovers and ping pong players. It comes at a reasonable price, provides a lot of awesome features, and ensures ultimate quality. We think that if you are in the market for a ping pong table, whether for a casual indoor game or a serious match, the STIGA Advantage will not disappoint.

Photo Title Price Buy
STIGA Advantage Pro $425.99
STIGA Advantage $399.99
STIGA Advantage Lite $380.85


  • Great overall built 
  • Nice thick and sturdy tabletop makes up for a great playing surface
  • Good 3’’ or 4’’ caster wheels for easy movement
  • Easy to set up and play
  • Simple to store and fold.
  • Clamp-style net that’s really decent.
  • Great support by the steel legs and adjustable table height creating a great overall experience.


  • The lite version with a thickness of ½’’ leaves a lot to be desired. It will suffice for casual players, however, by adding just a little to your budget, you can afford the standard advantage which is much better.

FAQ about Tennis Tables

How much does the STIGA advantage table tennis table weigh?

180 pounds is the weight of the ping pong table.

How to assemble a STIGA advantage ping pong table?

Watch this video tutorial and you will learn it in a matter of minutes:

The video showcases a competition where players try to set it up as quickly as possible. 

Is the STIGA advantage good for beginners?

Yeah, for beginners and intermediates it can definitely do the job.

Is the STIGA Advantage Tennis Table Suitable for The Office and Games Room?  

Yes. Having a really good build, it offers a great playing surface and the ball bounce consistency.

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