Table Tennis Table – A Basic Overview Of The Table Tennis Table

If you have ever played ping-pong before, you should know that it is also known as table tennis. Tennis is a game that is played on a court, usually between two players, sometimes four, where they hit a ball back and forth across a net. Table tennis is played in a similar fashion with two players standing on either side. The ping-pong ball, or table tennis ball, is made of a synthetic plastic. It is it back and forth across the net until one player hits the net with the ball, or the ball misses the table. There are certain sizes and dimensions to a table tennis table which we will look at in this article.

Origins Of Table Tennis

This is a game that theoretically started back in Victorian England. It was a game, much like racquetball, that was reserved for the elite. It was called many different names, and although it’s primary development may have originated out of Europe, it was actually discovered by military officers from Britain that learned about it in either South Africa or India. In the beginning, there were simply a row of books placed at the center of a table, and a golf ball was hit back and forth. Later on, in the 19 hundreds, the Table Tennis Association was founded in Britain, and subsequently the World Championships were established.

How The Game Is Played

The game itself is very easy to understand once you have played it a few times. It is similar to tennis, but much more easy to play and comprehend. Instead of rackets, paddles are used, typically with a rubber sheet that is molded to either side, making it easier to hit the ball with greater accuracy and speed. There have been some changes in the game in the last few decades including the size of the balls which were enlarged. Additionally, the scoring system went from 21 points to 11 points, the rubber sponge layer was altered on the paddles, and the material that the ball is made of also changed.

The Table Tennis Table

Most people have played on one of these before. They are actually relatively inexpensive which means you have probably used one either at a friends house, or even your own. It does require a little bit of room due to its size which is roughly 9 feet in length, 5 feet wide, standing at two and a half feet tall. The surface is a uniform dark color, and it is divided by a line down the middle separating it into two halves. There is a net in the middle which is six inches in height, very similar to a tennis net that you would see on a regular court but miniature in size. There have been some modifications such as only wooden tables can be used, especially for competitions, although concrete tables with solid concrete partitions can be found in many different places. These can be made very efficiently by companies that specialize in the table tennis industry, and are easy to store because they fold, both halves coming together in the center, and can be placed to the side conveniently.

Rules As They Apply To A Table Tennis Table

The rules of the game are in some way dictated by the size and dimensions of the table. They are also configured to conform with the lines that run down the middle of the table, and also along the sides. If you have ever played tennis before, when a ball lands on the lines, it is considered “in” and the game must continue. The same is true with table tennis when the ping-pong ball hits the line, the other player must return the ball across the net. The line down the middle actually has only one purpose aside from bisecting the table in half lengthwise. It provides meaning for the double service rule which simply means that when one player serves the ball, placing the ball in play, it determines what side the ball must land when it is served which is always diagonal. From that point on, as long as the ball is able to land anywhere on the table, the ball is in play. If it lands on the lines once the center of has been delivered, the other player must return the ball until one person or the other makes a mistake.

The cost of a table tennis table can range from several hundred dollars, all the way up to several thousand dollars, depending upon the material that it is made of. You can usually pick one up for several hundred dollars at a local store, or less than 100 dollars at a yard sale, a great deal as long as you have a truck or trailer to bring it back to your home. It is hard to believe that this particular sport actually has an official title because it seems like a sport to play for fun, not at a professional level. However, as long as the game maintains its overall popularity, and competitions continue to go on, the table tennis table will continue to be made to those exact specifications allowing people to enjoy this game professionally or on a leisurely basis.