Combat Boots – Not Just For The Military Anymore

Combat Boots – Not Just For The Military Anymore
By Craig Thornburrow

There used to be a time when every time a person laid eyes on a pair of combat boots, they were attached to a military soldier-or at least somewhere in their immediate vicinity. These days, boots are still a military must have, but it doesn’t stop there. As a matter of fact, they are an ever increasing trend in today’s fashion, being worn by both men and women alike as part of a fashion forward outfit. They have hit the runways and the streets as well as the front line, and are just one way for civilian people to show their quiet support for the men and women brave enough to fight for their freedom overseas.

Just because civilian people are donning combat boots and combat-inspired boots does not mean that they are not still in use by the armed services. As a matter of fact, combats are some of the most necessary components of a military man or woman’s uniform. They have their purpose, and their purpose is to combine protection with function efficiently, so that a soldier is able to do their job efficiently and comfortably as possible.

This is not to say that combat boots are the most comfortable shoes out there, but they are designed for a specific purpose. None of the purposes that are behind the creation of these incredible boots have to do with fashion, which is why it is so interesting that they would be so ingeniously incorporated into today’s most innovative fashion trends.

The Fit of a Pair of Combat Boots

One of the most important facets of a pair of combats is the way that they fit. These boots must be worn by the wearer for hours and sometimes even days and weeks on end, so comfort is important. While they are not bound to be the most comfortable pair of shoes or boots out there, they are fairly comfortable in the sense that they can be worn without too much detriment to the feet, which is more than can be said for most civilian shoes. As time goes on, they have been innovated to be more comfortable and provide more support, making the walking and running experience a bit more pleasurable and easy on the feet.

Where to Find Combat Boots

If you are in the market for an authentic pair of combats, whether it be for military service or just for fashion reasons, you can check out an army or navy military surplus store. These stores are where the best prices on any authentic military wear can be found, and they are perfect for a great pair of boots.

What a better way to show your support for your men and women in uniform than to sport military inspired boots or even the real thing? Combats are a fashion statement and a political statement-all rolled into one.

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