Paintball has become one of the favorite pastimes for kids, teens and even adult people. However, it is not simple as soccer where you only need a ball to play. In this game, some equipment is required, in particular, all the safety gear you need to avoid accidents. Ā Besides all the safety considerations, you cannot play paintball without a gun. This is where difficulties arise for beginners because they don’t know which one will be the most adequate for their particular way of playing. If you have not played yet or have played a few times, how can you decide which is the best paintball gun? In the rest of this article, we will give you some things to consider.

1. Price

You can find paintball guns that cost over 1000 dollars. Of course, if you are a beginner, you should leave that type of guns for the very experienced players. There is a wide range of guns and markers in a much lower price range.

2. Ask for opinions

You may have a couple of friends that are already playing paintball. Ask them. They might have experienced the same doubts when they just started. Also, if they feel they have made a mistake in choosing their first paintball gun, they will tell you and help you to don’t make the same ones.

3. Read Reviews

As with most of the items we buy online, reading reviews of previous customers are essential nowadays. Take a look at the guns at different price ranges and read the positive reviews as well as the negative ones. The following is a comparison chart of some of the most popular guns in the market today.

[comparezon uskws=”paintball guns, paintball markers” tplid=”default” ]

4. Consider the Best Sellers

If everybody buys some type of gun, there is a reason. Take a look at the following list of best sellers in the paintball guns and markers category in Amazon.

5. Try them out

If it’s possible try some guns before buying one to test them “in action”. For example some of your friends may have bought a more advanced gun and has his old one he used when he started playing to lend. On the other hand, paintball fields also offer rentals, so you can try different types before you decide which one to buy. In those places you will find a wide range of the best guns for beginners.

We have tried to give you some alternatives to choose the best paintball gun without breaking the bank. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with the one you choose. That decision can make the difference in enjoying the game.


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