Is there a natural remedy for vitiligo?

Vitilgo, or white spots and patches can appear on both sides of the body. They usually appear on the hair and the skin where the normal pigmentation has been lost due to several factors, but mainly destruction of the pigment cells. Since they are lost, they no longer produce melanin or pigment in the areas, which then causes white patches to appear on the skin. Luckily, there are several natural remedies that help in such cases.

Psoralea seeds

One of the most common ways to threat vitilgo with natural remedies is psoralea. Soak the seeds in juice of ginger, and let them stay there for three consecutive days. The treatment is tested and effective. The next step for preparing the remedy is to rub the seeds with hands to remove the shell, and then dry them in shade. Lastly, ground the seeds into a powder. For the next 40 days, take one gram of the powder with fresh milk. You can also apply the grounded seeds on the affected areas.

Basil leaves

For this remedy, you need basil leaves and lime juice. The leaves have anti viral and anti aging effects, both of which are beneficial for your skin. Mix the basil leaves with lime juice, and then apply the mixture three times per day on the affected area. Continue doing so for six months, every day, without a break for maximum results.

Red Clay

Red Clay is another natural ingredient that helps in the re-pigmentation process of the skin. Mix red clay with ginger juice and then apply the mixture on the white patches once per day. The mixture also helps increase blood flow to the skin, thanks to the ginger juice in the mix.

Babchi seeds

Another type of seeds that can help with the re-pigmentation and is also considered common home and natural remedy for vitilgo. Take equal amounts of babchi seeds and tamarind powder and soak them in water for three consecutive days. After that, remove the shells and dry them in shade, same as with the psoarela seeds. Once they are dry, make a paste that you can then apply to the affected area. Important Note: some skin types might be sensitive to babchi seeds. If your skin is itching or the white spots turn into red, try a different treatment.

Ginkgo Biloba

Extracts of the Ginkgo Biloba should be taken three times per day as an effective treatment. Ginkgo is natural remedy, no matter if it comes in pills. You need 40mg per dose.
Goose Foot

Do not mix this with the foot of the Goose. There is a plant also called Goose foot, because it looks similar to the form of the foot. Take the plant twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. You can also use the juice of the leaves, and apply it to the white patches.

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